Iuston i have a problem!

Crk..crk..crk..fzzz..ffzzz…sfz.Iu..fsz..ston!…iuston!…jesus.can you hear me,over.Crak…fszz…you haven’t answer for 39 bloody years; iuston, can you hear me over?wotta fuk? iuston; you must answer:got a big problem!!.I can’t find the moon, iuston.I must have lost it. IUSTON!yes,yes…iuston…it’s me…can you hear me now over? Oh jesus…it’s me!!.Remember? You sent me to the moon. Whattt??:you change the mission? Who the fuck are you?!homonymus? …oh…my dear friends..good thing you are here. Yes you!!,Do you remember???I left 39 years ago to the conquest of the moon.All wanted to make it. Why have you forgot about me?,about the moon?….what you mean you run out of funds,the new president doesn’t want to??…Om: …a lot of things has changed, F.F.:I understand!you can’t give up the conquest of the moon like that,I’m fucking fed up of sucking frozen bolognese meat bars!!!Om:the conquest of the space it’s old stuff. Now they all want tlc,you know,Now the government will give a mobile phone with tv so you can watch porno on your way to work!!.F.: porno on the bus!!…do you remember sci-fi novels,The history books of marineria of Venezia,the boozy nights at the cantine writing on paper mats…Om:kids staff,my friend. it’s not worth it mate!!:it’s pathetic!F: listen my friend,tell me about her,you know what i mean,yes?Is she a composer… ?Om:Her? What are you talking about,she got married with a guy who owns an audi garage and she wipes old people arses!!she doesn’t even recognize me the bitch!!…F.: oh my god tell me about my father what sort of pedagogue is he now??…Om:oh what a character!!he’s been spare jail for the third time…he’s been approaching students on their way out of school,It waits outside in a tuxedo offering them pop stars stickers!!..Listen mate,listen to a dumb like me!!forget about us the moon everything.Science belongs to four scroungers and people don’t give a toss about you, the fucking moon and all these shit!!!Enjoy your trip.Enjoy the silence and above all enjoy those tiny sparkling lights in the darkness.Here everything is fucked…we were just born in the wrong year!!we are the only one that got away with it.Anyway even I don’t exist.I’m just your shadow.carry on sucking your frozen bolognese meat bars…mate…till it last.

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